Our primary focus is on regional homelessness and youth literacy,

fulfilling the needs of those outside major population centres.





Our Beds & Bags program aims to provide dry, comfortable sleeping gear and a bag of basic toiletries to those in genuine need, in consultation with other agencies. These products help with basic hygiene which then has run-on health benefits to the homeless.


The approximate cost of a Bed & Bag is currently around $60.


There are around 1000 people who identify as homeless in the Fraser Coast (our initial catchment area for this fledgling program), and a large percentage of 'at risk' households who are on the verge of becoming homeless themselves.











Our youth funding primarily targets literacy programs and the supply of reading materials and teaching aids to those who would not normally have access to them. We supply materials to assist with basic literacy, learning and participation in a variety of community literacy programs.


Our main source of books for kids is the Imagination Library founded by Dolly Parton who herself donates millions towards helping children around the world improve their opportunities for work and a better life, through reading.


We provide a book each month, for five years to each child who needs it, preparing them for school, and giving them a head start in life.