Artbank Australia Inc is an Australian-based registered charity that primarily provides bedding and toiletries to the homeless, and literacy opportunities to youth in regional Queensland.


We raise funds primarily by auctioning bequeathed or donated artworks and other objects, donations and regional fundraising events.


Each year, thousands of artworks and other items are donated or bequeathed to institutions many of  which do not have the space or opportunity to display them or otherwise make constructive use of them.








Corporate and private donors can specify which of our two focus areas they wish the proceeds of their donation to go to ie Youth, Homelessness.


Artbank Australia Inc. is administered by volunteers (including our own licenced auctioneer & valuer) who conduct Gala Auction Dinners and other fundraising events.


We work hard to maximise the return on all donations, to help improve our communities and honour the sentiment in which the bequests were made.

Rather than locked away forgotten and unused, we auction your unused items at our

Gala Auction events, and the cash we raise is then used in positive ways for the good of individuals and communities.